On-Demand Think Like a BIM Manager

Estimated Duration: 1.5h
Accreditation: 2 AIA LUs
Price: $250
Level: Intermediate



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Learn What it Takes to Be a BIM Manager!

Archicad requires organization, workflow standards, and coordination. This session will teach you how to develop and enhance these skills. To begin, we’ll discuss a general overview of the BIM Manager’s job and highlight the typical challenges and tasks involved with this position.

After considering the importance of the tasks and the challenges faced, we can dive into the best way to manage your Archicad projects, train new team members, and fill the void if you don’t have dedicated personnel assigned to the BIM Manager role.

By the end of this session, you’ll have the knowledge needed to optimize your software performance, develop organized office standards, increase template coordination, and enhance team collaboration to make your business more successful and profitable.

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Mike Hreczkosiej
Posted 2 months ago
Well done

The importance of bim management was lost on me, prior to this course. This course was very eye opening; and informative.

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Posted 2 months ago
BIM managers are crucial to the efficiency of the team

Having someone on the team who can manage libraries, templates, standards, and set up strategies benefits the entire workflow.

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Khoudia Sylla
Posted 11 months ago
Excellent Overview

I was happy with the end of lesson quiz. It reinforced ideas and concepts that are important to take away from this course. Thank you. I will be sure to take what I have learned here today and use it in my future explorations with ArchiCAD.

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Nick Peckham
Posted 2 years ago
Easy to Understand

This is a gr3at overview of how to put a project together in Archicad, not just how to use Archicad.

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Veleda Miller has been implementing and training Archicad to architectural and construction companies for nearly two decades.