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Estimated Duration: 6h
Accreditation: 6 AIA LUs
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Get started with BIM and Archicad in this hands-on course

This interactive, hands-on training course introduces Archicad along with basic Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques and collaboration concepts. At the conclusion of the course, attendees will have a working understanding of BIM basics and the skills needed for adopting a streamlined BIM workflow.

Learning Objectives
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Before you begin, please download your files to access your Course Materials. What's included in the download:

  • Archicad Intro Training PDF: This document provides an overview of the topics covered in this course
  • Archicad Tips PDF: This document contains shortcuts and screenshots to help you become aqquainted with the Archicad Toolset
  • Fundamentals23.ZIP: Double-click this folder to extract the Archicad 23 version of the files we will be using throughout this course.
  • Fundamentals24.ZIP: Double-click this folder to extract the Archicad 24 version of the files we will be using throughout this course.

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Isaiah Parod
Posted 2 weeks ago
great tutorial but a couple of discrepancies with newer versions of archicad.

Maybe update the things that have changed for Archicad 26 there were a few discrepencies in a few tutorials (they weren't hard to figure out but if you had an older person learning I could see it being challenging for them.) . other than those they were great and really helpful! love the software already.

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Posted 3 weeks ago
Great to Build a foundation

The course overall was well done. The speaker demonstrates strong knowledge of the software and its features. I wish there was more modules discussing the different tools like the stairs and hoped to complete the townhouse model.

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Lidia Madrid
Posted 4 weeks ago
Goes over the fundamentals in-depth

The course is essential to understanding the fundamentals of archicad workings

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Posted 1 month ago
Overall Instruction was Detailed and complete

The Instructor for this course took the time to explain all features in detail and completed most of the more complicated task a few times to ensure the learner had a good understanding of how to complete the objective. Also, the instructor explained a few ways to complete each task as well which allows user who prefer to complete task in different ways to learn as well. Well Done!

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Keena Simon
Posted 1 month ago
Practice Practice Practice

I am familiar with the fundamentals but learning new tricks WHILE practicing them in real time with the virtual instructor helps me feel more confident.

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Jacob Miramontes
Posted 2 months ago
Excellent Course

It amazed me how you can always learn something new event though I've been working with ArchiCAD for years, keep the good work!

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David Deiss
Posted 4 months ago
This course should be first for Archicad users!

This course should be first for modelers/drafters when companies start using Archicad. I got a better understanding here than Drafting Basics (which was also a good course).

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Ryan Phillips
Posted 5 months ago
Straightforward and Clearly Presented Information

After a long hiatus from the Archicad BIM world, I was able to jog my memory and relearn some basic fundamentals through this course. I found the instructor to be easy to listen to and follow along with during the sessions.

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Mike Hreczkosiej
Posted 6 months ago
Well done

I had no problems. I simply reserve that 5 start rating for rare instances.

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Posted 7 months ago
Great starter course

I really enjoyed the detailed descriptions for a brand new Archicad user like me. The Custom roof section taught me and my team some easy shortcuts that will improve our efficiency.

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Nicole Trautman
Posted 7 months ago
Significant menu changes from this version to current 26

Significant menu changes from this version to current 26, causing lots of wasted time trying to 'make things work' that won't align with the video.

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Ryan Senores
Posted 8 months ago
Great Content

Loved the content of the course. Maybe I just missed it or something, but I don't think that it was mentioned at the beginning of the course that our output from one video needed to be carried to the next? Had to redo my project file over again from scratch since I hadn't saved a project file after leaving off on like the fourth or fifth video. But aside from that, the content itself was great.

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