On-Demand Bundle

On-Demand Learning Bundles

Boost your learning and save, with themed Learning Bundles!

On-Demand courses can be purchased individually here.

A targeted approach to your learning

Our course bundles are perfect for those seeking a focused learning experience to sharpen their skills in a specific area. Each bundle includes a number of courses which have been accredited by the AIA, and are delivered in short (5-15 minute) pre-recorded segments that can easily be worked into your day.

Essentials Bundle

16 AIA LUs!

Perfect for New Hires and those with little to no Archicad experience. This bundle includes:

Archicad Fundamentals Intermediate Archicad SkillsBIMx Workflows Navigator and Work Environment

Collaboration Bundle

11 AIA LUs!

This course bundle will give you the skills to develop a smooth workflow between your team or external consultants. This bundle includes:

Interoperability Workflows MEP Modeler and Co-Ordination Teamwork Collaboration How to Think Like a BIM Manager

Interiors Bundle

7 AIA LUs!

This course bundle is designed to help those currently, or aiming to be, focused on the Interior Design aspects of architecture. This bundle includes:

Archicad for Interiors Twinmotion Workflows Creative Documentation and BIMx

Visualization Bundle

5 AIA LUs!

WOW your clients with impressive visualizations and ensure your designs are communicated to project stakeholders perfectly. This bundle includes:

Creative Documentation + BIMx Twinmotion WorkflowsRendering in Cinerender

BIM Manager Bundle

11 AIA LUs!

If you are BIM Manager, or aspiring to be one, this course bundle is for you! This bundle includes:

Think Like a BIM Manager Leadership Training Navigator and Work Environment Archicad Template Creation