On-Demand All-Access Bundle

Includes all Graphisoft North America On-Demand courses (full list below)
Estimated Duration: 40+hours
Accreditation: 40+ AIA LUs
Price: $5344 / $4275 SSA Members
Level: All
Location: Online

If you use Archicad, this course bundle is for YOU!

The course bundle includes the entire suite of On-Demand courses created by Graphisoft North America and represents exceptional value for all experience levels.

With access to all our courses, it doesn’t matter where you are in your learning journey – you’ll be able to design your learning path, brush up on your general skills, and take your Archicad skills to a whole new level!

The AIA has accredited each course in the bundle, and most are delivered in several short (5-15 minute) segments that you can work into your day.

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Courses included in this bundle:

On-Demand Archicad Fundamentals

This hands-on training course introduces Archicad along with basic Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques and collaboration concepts.

On Demand Intermediate Archicad Skills

Boost your Archicad skills when it suits you! We'll discuss the Morph Tool, how to improve your workflow, how to create templates and more.

On-Demand Creative Documentation & BIMx

Discover how to create visually dynamic materials to better convey your designs ideas. We’ll also demonstrate how to plan and creating BIMx files that allow for immersive VR walk-throughs.

On-Demand BIMx Workflows

In this short course, you'll discover how to use BIMx as a tool for communicating models and documentation to project stakeholders.

On-Demand Morph and Object Creation Course

Delve into the complexities of Archicad’s Morph, Mesh and Object Tools to push the limits of your BIM projects.

On-Demand Archicad for Interiors

In this online course, you'll discover how to use Archicad to organize sketches, ideas and materials inside a single design file to utilize for presentation.

On-Demand Teamwork

Discover the best Archicad project sharing techniques, using Teamwork, BIMcloud and Hotlinked Files to increase efficiency.

On-Demand Think Like a BIM Manager

This course includes tips on training new staff, developing office standards, increasing template coordination, enhancing team collaboration, and much more!

On-Demand Interoperability Workflows

In this short course, design teams can discover the best practices for working with Revit® files.

On-Demand Template Creation

Discover how to create Archicad Templates that will help save time and ensure consistent output across all members of a team.

On-Demand Rendering Basics with Cineware

Get the most out of Archicad's inbuilt rendering engine in this one-hour course!

On-Demand MEP Modeler and Co-Ordination

Learn to improve design quality, discover clashes, and detect problem areas well before building begins.

On Demand Drafting Basics

If you are brand-new to BIM, Archicad, or transitioning from another platform, this course is for you!

On-Demand Properties and Schedules

Increase the accuracy and quality of your projects, plus create smarter and faster documentation, by leveraging Archicad Properties and Schedules.

On-Demand Hotlinking

Discover how to optimize your Archicad files for performance, mitigate redundant workflows, and ensure consistent project information, with ‘Hotlinking’!

On-Demand: BIM Strategy for the Leadership Team

This course gives leaders an understanding of what to expect from their team members, and how to best communicate ideas with their team, clients, and consultants in a BIM environment.

On-Demand Stairs and Railings

Discover how to use Archicad’s Stair and Railing tools from schematic design to construction documentation. You'll also learn how to leverage the Railing tool to create fence posts, roads, roof edges and more!

On-Demand Documentation

Discover how to leverage your Archicad file to create documentation that clearly conveys design intent.

On-Demand Expression-Defined Properties

Leverage the 'I' in BIM, along with Archicad's Properties and Expressions, to extract endless data from your Model!

On-Demand Twinmotion Workflows

Learn how to best use the Archicad / Twinmotion workflow, create and update your scenes throughout your design process, and much more!

On-Demand Graphic Overrides

In this short course, Shanelle takes you on a deep-dive into Graphic Overrides and how they can boost your project visualizations!

On-Demand Detailed Site Design

Join Carrie to discover how to create Detailed Site Designs using Archicad's versatile toolset. You'll also learn how to create Sun Studies and leverage Google Earth data to enhance your site design.

On-Demand Working with DWGs

This course covers DWG exchange considerations, various import/export techniques, and tips for improved usability.

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About your GRAPHISOFT North America Presenters:

  • Leeswann Bolden is an independent architectural and urban design consultant, who provides training to architectural professionals on behalf of GRAPHISOFT North America
  • Duncan Gilchrist is a BIM Consultant at GRAPHISOFT North America
  • Marcus Monroe is a qualified architect with a project management and teaching background
  • Zoltan Toth has an M.Sc. in architecture and experience with both small and large-scale projects. He often helps architectural offices implement BIM strategies and processes.