BIM Manager Bundle

Includes these awesome courses: BIM Strategy for the Leadership Team Think Like a BIM Manager Template Creation Documentation

Estimated Duration: 9h
Accreditation: 9 AIA LUs
Price: $950 non-SSA / $760 SSA Members
Level: Beginner
Location: Online

If you need to ensure consistent deliverables from the members of your team and want to ensure the success of your firm, this bundle is for YOU!

This bundle has been designed for those tasked with managing teams and ensuring successful collaboration between staff and external parties. Topics covered include how to optimize software performance, modify Archicad’s Work Environment, create Archicad templates, develop organized office standards, enhance project co-ordination and so much more!

Each course in the bundle has been accredited by the AIA, and are delivered in several short (5-15 minute) segments that can easily be worked into your day.

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Courses included in this bundle:

On-Demand Think Like a BIM Manager

This course includes tips on training new staff, developing office standards, increasing template coordination, enhancing team collaboration, and much more!

On-Demand Template Creation

Discover how to create Archicad Templates that will help save time and ensure consistent output across all members of a team.

On-Demand: BIM Strategy for the Leadership Team

This course gives leaders an understanding of what to expect from their team members, and how to best communicate ideas with their team, clients, and consultants in a BIM environment.

On-Demand Documentation

Discover how to leverage your Archicad file to create documentation that clearly conveys design intent.

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Additional Information:

  • All bundles include access to the included courses for 6 months.
  • Learners intending to earn AIA LUs must add their AIA Membership Number to their profile here before completing their course/s. AIA LU credit notifications are submitted weekly to the AIA.
  • Certification: An AIA-endorsed certificate can be downloaded for each course after the successful completion of course lessons and quiz.

About your Graphisoft North America Presenters:

  • Marcus Monroe is a qualified architect with a project management and teaching background.
  • Veleda Miller has been implementing and training Archicad to architectural and construction companies for nearly two decades.
  • Duncan Gilchrist (LEED AP) is a BIM Consultant at Graphisoft.
  • Zoltan Toth has an M.Sc. in architecture and experience with both small and large-scale projects, Zoltan helps architectural offices implement BIM strategies and processes.