On-Demand Stairs and Railings (Archived)

Estimated Duration: 3h
Accreditation: 3 AIA LUs
Price: $250
Level: Intermediate



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Take a deep-dive into Archicad’s powerful and flexible Stair and Railing tools!

In this online course, you’ll discover how to use Archicad’s Stair and Railing Tools from schematic design through to construction documentation. You’ll also learn now to use the powerful Railing Tool to create site fences, roads, roof edges, interior/exterior trims and much more!

We’ll also provide modeling tips throughout the course, and will touch on several other Archicad Tools as we go!

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Before you begin, please download the Stair and Railing Example PLN file below:

Download PLN

Simply double click on the downloaded ZIP folder to open the contents.

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Kevin Craig
Posted 1 year ago
Quizzes are Infuriatingly Difficult

Having checkboxes for all of the questions without any option to see what questions were wrong makes the quizzes both useless and very irritating. Rather than being able to go back and look up what I got wrong, I have to go back through the quiz multiple times guessing at different combinations until I get lucky. At that point, I don't even know what was right or wrong.

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Zhuo Guo
Posted 2 years ago
Helpful topic but poorly structured course

This course can be optimized. Rather than being a comprehensive overview of stair and railing tools, the course should be structured by modeling and documentation examples that students could follow as watching the video. Also condense this course into 1 hour to provide efficient and hands-on learning experience. Lousy verbal instruction is not the way to learn any digital tools!

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Vincent Boutaud is a trained architect with over 10 years in the industry, Vincent provides training and support to the Archicad community; and is the co-chair of the Boston Archicad User Group.