Basic IFC Concepts

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If you collaborate with external project stakeholders, this learning video is for you!

Offering a brief introduction into IFC and how it can help teams work together, this video has been developed by the Graphisoft North America Co.LAB Team as a pre-cursor to further Interoperability training.

New and existing Archicad users will find this video beneficial, as will non-Archicad users looking to collaborate with Archicad-based firms.

About the Co.LAB Team

The Co.LAB team is dedicated to supporting Graphisoft’s vision of an ‘Open BIM’ future. In supporting this vision, the Co.LAB team invests time in the support of our clients and their partners through specific project investigation, workflow recommendations, and helping to facilitate a more robust exchange of information across software platforms.

About your Presenter

Sally Struck is a BIM Consultant at Graphisoft North America where she leads training sessions and helps architectural firms adopting BIM and Archicad.