This 3-hour session is designed to help Archicad users understand the Navigator palette and how to optimize the Work Environment for your needs. You will learn best practices and tips on better managing your project through the customization of settings as well as how the settings relate.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives—at the end of this session, attendees will know how to:

  • Learn how to effectively leverage the Navigator for individual and team projects.
  • Understand the schemes and settings of the Work Environment.
  • Understand how to customize menus and tools bars for office standards.
  • Identify best practices for an improved workflow.
Navigator and Work Environment Workflows

Navigator (50 min)

  • Functions of the Navigator Palette
  • Using the Project Chooser
  • Cloning Folders
  • Accessing Commands from the Navigator Palette
  • Restoring Views in Navigator
  • 2D and 3D Navigator Preview
  • Navigator Use in Teamwork Projects

Work Environment (130 min)
  • Review each setting of the Work Environment dialog boxes
  • User Preference Schemes
  • Company Standard Schemes
  • Shortcut Schemes
  • Tool Schemes
  • Command Layout Schemes
  • Workspace Schemes
  • Tips to Set Up Work Environment
  • Saving Your Customized Work Environment
  • Other Information
    • This course will explore tools and techniques using the current version of the software (earlier versions will not be demonstrated)
    • A recording of the session will be available to registrants for 30 days after the event
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    • Refunds: Please see our FAQs page.