The toughest part of learning a new program is understanding a new workflow and process.

We know it can be frustrating trying to figure out where both Archicad and Revit are alike and where they differ.

That’s why we developed this course, where we help Revit users transition to Archicad by explaining with terminology that they are familiar with. This course will come with an Agenda/Overview of the training to help attendees take notes and follow along with the course, as well as a terminology breakdown with images to aid with the learning process.



Archicad Workflows (120m)

Archicad Interface (30m)

  • Breakdown of the Elements in the Menu Bar and How They Map to Revit’s Ribbon

Archicad Tools That Differ from Typical Revit Workflow (30m)

  • Overview of the Tool Box, Info Box, and Tool Settings
  • Wall Tool Setup
  • Complex Profile Manager
  • Magic Wand
  • Pet Palette
  • Teamwork
Archicad Project Organization with Navigator (35m)

  • Overview of Project Map, View Map, Layout Book, and How It Compares to Revit’s Project Browser
  • Exporting Options with the Publisher

Archicad View Settings (25m)

  • Layer Combinations
  • Partial Structure Display
  • Pen Sets
  • Model View Options
  • Graphic Override Combinations
  • Renovation Filter Options
  • Dimensions
  • 3D Styles

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, attendees will:

  1. Understand which workflows will have to be adjusted to better utilize Archicad.
  2. Learn basic Archicad terminology and equivalent Revit terminology.
  3. Understand the Archicad interface and how it compares to the Revit interface.
  4. Learn the various view settings in Archicad and the thinking behind their purpose.
Other Information
  • This course will explore tools and techniques using the current version of the software (earlier versions will not be demonstrated)
  • Where this event is a Remote Learning (Live Webinar) Event: A recording of the session will be available to registrants for 30 days after the event
  • Where this course is being undertaken On-Demand (through online video recordings): You will have 6 months’ access to the course materials.
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  • Refunds: Please see our FAQs page.