Boring data has never been so exciting, useful and critical

In this webinar, we will cover some advanced concepts of Archicad that will help you make better use of the “I” of the BIM. We’ll look at the Properties Manager, generate an array of Schedules, trigger Graphical Overrides, and derive automated 2D & 3D documents ready for Publisher – all of which are pushed straight out of the model and the underlying Archicad database.

This online training course, broken into two 3-hour sessions over two days, is for advanced users that have attended Archicad Fundamentals & Intermediate training, or for veteran Archicad users who are looking to enhance their skills.

Day 1: Properties Manager

  • What is the Properties Manager? A Description
  • Why Custom Properties are Useful
  • Learn how Custom Properties are created
  • Creating Property Groups
  • Property Definitions and Availability
  • Adding Industry Standard Data Properties
  • Adding Archicad Properties to Element/Objects
  • Export/Import Properties Between Project

Day 1: Schedules

  • Working with Archicad Schedules
  • Highlighting the Information in the BIM
  • Learn about the Interactive Schedules in Archicad
  • Create Basic Door and Window Schedules
  • Create Visual Schedules (Door & Window Elevations)
  • Do Item Counts, Totals and Costs
  • Create Finish Schedules
  • Create Symbol Legends
  • List Objects by Location
  • Adding Archicad Properties to Schedules
  • Information flow to BIM
Day 2: Graphical Overrides

  • Using the Archicad Graphic Overrides
  • What are they? How do they work? Why should I use them?
  • Learn how to customize the look of your drawings.
  • Use them in conjunction with Renovation Filters
  • Setup Project Phasing with Overrides
  • Create more descriptive Code Sheets/Diagrams
  • Generate Simple Key Plans
  • Learn about Override Rules and Structure
  • Setting Property Values in Element/Object Settings
  • Drive Drawing Effects from Properties with Override Rules
  • Artistic Override Options

Day 2: Publisher

  • The Power of the Archicad Publisher
  • Why you should use it whenever possible.
  • Automate Drawing Output
  • Creating Publisher Sets (PDF, DWG, IFC, BIMx)
  • Setup Custom Publisher Sets for Consultants
  • Combining drawing types
  • Instant updates with consultants via Dropbox, etc.
  • Make 3D view based project status sets
  • Have multiple rendered views on hand when you need them
  • Export Data Rich elements & objects to BIMx


Other Information
  • Earn 6 AIA LUs by completing this course
  • This course will explore tools and techniques using the current version of the software (earlier versions will not be demonstrated)
  • Where this event is a Remote Learning (Live Webinar) Event: A recording of the session will be available to registrants for 30 days after the event
  • Where this course is being undertaken On-Demand (through online video recordings): You will have 90 days’ access to the course materials.
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