If you are a small firm looking to make the move to Archicad, our risk-free ‘Path to BIM’ is for you

Often the move to BIM can seem daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. But with our new Archicad BIM Kickstart Program, we provide 60 days of training and software so you can discover if Archicad is right for you.

For just $250, you’ll get a 60-day license of Archicad* plus 6 live, interactive training sessions which cover the BIM basics as well as more advanced skills, like creating 3D details. You’ll even learn how to show off your work on a smartphone or tablet!

At the end of your 60-day license, if you’ve decided Archicad is right for you, we’ll apply your $250 investment toward the purchase of Archicad or Archicad Solo.**

The Archicad BIM Kickstart Program Offers:

  • An extended professional-use license of Archicad.
    • A series of short, interactive training sessions (one per week) that will guide you through the tools and workflows within the software.
    • The first class on October 31st will be face-to-face at the Common Desk, Plano, starting at 8:30 AM. Bring your own laptop or borrow one of ours.
    • The remaining 5 classes will be conducted online (via Go-To-Meeting) once a week thereafter, allowing you to work in your own space, on your own hardware.
  • All online sessions are conducted live and will be recorded in case you miss a class or want to refer back to a lesson.
    • With only 5 to 8 participants each semester, you will get all the personal coaching and problem-solving support you need to be successful in your transition to BIM with Archicad.
    • Your instructor will be on hand between sessions if you get stuck and need a little help. Ensuring your success is why we’re here!
Training Schedule

Below is the schedule of weekly Kickstart training sessions. After each session, you’ll have time to practice what you learned, watch some additional tutorials, and build your knowledge of the software before moving on to the next set of tools. And, of course, Landry and Shaun will be on hand between sessions if you need a little extra coaching.






4 hours

Getting Started

  • Set-up and activate Pilot License
  • Interface: Tools, Info Box, Navigator
  • Walls: Settings, Types, Placement, Editing
  • Editing: Trimming, Extending, Chamfering
  • Slab
  • Doors/Windows
  • Columns
  • Beams


2 hours

Additional Modeling

  • Roofs
  • Custom Profiles: Creating new, Editing existing
  • Stairs


2 hours

Annotating & Detailing

  • Dimensions: Manual, Automatic
  • Text/Tags
  • Views
  • Details
  • Renovation Filter


2 hours


  • Creating Title Block: Import existing, Using automatic text
  • Layouts


2 hours


  • Library parts
  • Creating/importing
  • Creating custom door panels


2 hours


  • Creating 3D Documents
  • Export to BIMx
Other Information

*Extended trial license of Archicad;
**Purchase must be made by [DATE], for this offer to apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer (e.g., the $250 discount is NOT available on purchases made using the 12-month financing offer, etc).
No refunds will be issued after the second Session has concluded.